IBM Bluemix Workshop

The only constant in the world is change. With the ever so dynamic computer industry evolving by the tick of every second, paramount developments are occurring and new technologies spring up everyday.
Bluemix workshop was conducted on 21st and 22nd November, 2016 by IBM. Bluemix is an open standard, cloud platform for building, running and managing apps and services. It was addressed by the Computer Science Head of Department, Dr. Satya Prakash Ghrera.
On the first day of workshop, it started with the theory about the basics of Bluemix and the lecture was delivered by the IBM officials. Followed by implementation of cognitive computing. It went good, the student were keen to know about Bluemix, how it works and how it can be implemented. They taught their own recipe of "text to speech" and "weather alert". On the second day, they took the implementation further. After all the sessions, an online test was conducted on the Bluemix site in which all the students performed well and clear the test. The whole workshop was quite interactive as they were asking question related to the topic and the students were rewarded as per there reply.
It had been a heck of a learning experience for all the students and teachers alike. With the pupils now well acquainted with the new development in the field of cognitive computing the workshop truly served its purpose.

Event Details

  • Type:Workshop
  • Date:21 Nov 2016

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