Orientation 2017

This year ACM-JUIT orientation was held on 7th of July. A large number of students took active participation like never seen before. Orientation kick started with a brief introduction by the Chairperson of ACM-JUIT, Kushagar Tyagi. Students were informed about what ACM-JUIT chapter is and its crucial working. Then came a formal description about various sub teams : Web Team, Programming Team, Design Team, Bio-Informatics Team and Electronics Team, working under ACM-JUIT as students were addressed by various team leaders.Later as the orientation came towards its end, students were thoroughly informed about the interviews. Along with the benefits of why they should join ACM-JUIT, students were also informed to go for that team in which they can work according to their interest. In the end, students were again addressed with some closing lines by the Secretary of ACM-JUIT, Priyanjul Johari. With that, came to an end yet another awe - inspiring Orientation of the ACM-JUIT chapter.

Event Details

  • Type:Event
  • Date:15 Aug 2017

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